Your Ultimate Guide to Union City Police Department: Contact Details, Services, and More


Embarking on a journey to understand the facets of local law enforcement services can often be daunting. At the heart of the matter lies the quest to find authentic information, right from contact details to detailed service descriptions. And when it comes to the Union City Police Department, the task gets even more challenging, given the department’s prominent and multi-faceted role in Union City.

This article acts as your companion in this task, providing an all-encompassing guide on everything from the Union City Police Department’s phone number to the various services it provides.

Contact Details of Union City Police Department

When it comes to connecting with the Union City Police Department, having the right contact information is critical. The main office phone number is your primary line of communication with the department.

The emergency line stays open 24/7, ready to respond to any distress calls from the citizens of Union City. If you urgently need assistance, you can reach out to the Union City Police Department through the emergency number, which is available around the clock.

In non-urgent situations, the non-emergency line serves as the ideal means to contact the police department. You can use this number to report non-emergency incidents or raise any concerns you may have. Remember that ensuring realistic usage of emergency lines can help efficient functioning of the department.

Services Provided by Union City Police Department

The Union City Police Department’s primary focus is on maintaining public safety and ensuring law and order. With a team of dedicated officers and support staff, it offers a plethora of services in line with its commitments.

The department undertakes crime prevention endeavors, implementing community-wide activities and strategies to deter criminal activities. Union City Police keeps updating its patrol strategies based on ongoing trends and analyzes various crime statistic reports to understand the landscape better.

Community Services Division engages with the city’s residents, canvassing their needs, handling their issues, and establishing a strong rapport with them. Other specialized divisions like K-9, Traffic, Anti-Crime, and more extend services of a specific nature.

The department also emphasizes community liaison activities, working tirelessly to improve relationships between the public and the police. They conduct workshops, awareness classes, community meetings, and more.


The Union City Police Department instills a sense of security and trust in its people, thanks to its relentless dedication and transparency. In times of need, the department is just a phone call away, and that level of accessibility is invaluable to the residents of Union City. This guide serves as your one-stop resource for understanding the varied facets of Union City’s law enforcement, right from the most convenient ways to connect with them to a comprehensive overview of their services.

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